Married for 25 years to a man named MikeLiz Haslam has left her routine to create a charity. her goal was clear: to save as many dogs as possible. This did not necessarily please her spouse. They decided to separate. A choice that absolutely does not regret the woman, determined to satisfy the needs of her animals. Even if it must, for this, be deprived of a roof …

By moving to the countryside, Liz Haslam did not think that her couple would burst into flames. Unfortunately, this was the case. In front of the space that was offered to her, the woman decided to create the foundation “Beds for Bullies” Bull Terrier. A desire, for her, to provide shelter to dogs in need. It was not the taste of her husband who, according to Brightside, would not have ensured that his wife’s life turned more towards these canids. Liz could not lie to herself anymore. She was living her last moments with Mike, with whom she had shared her life for 25 years.

The couple was formed at the age of 16, in high school where they studied together. In a quarter century, they had a child, Ollie, and decided to migrate to Barnham, in a charming house with 2 bedrooms. The beginning of the end. Her husband submits an ultimatum: dogs or himLiz favors her animals. “After 25 years together, he should have known that I was not going to give up these dogs. He knew who I was as soon as we got married. “

She had to sleep in a tent

Nevertheless, no way for her to impose on her now ex-companion the life of these dogs. They decided to divorce. “We have moved away from each other. He was busy with his job and did not give me a chance. I did not want to be the married woman of a workaholic, so I took refuge in those dogs that give me love. A devouring passion, “too big for Mike,” Liz said.