To avoid unwanted weight gain and dangerous to the health of your animal, it must have a healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is an increasingly common disease in our pets. It is defined by overweight of 15% compared to the ideal weight of your companion.

➥Causes of obesity in dogs

There are two different categories that cause obesity:

Causes related to what your pet eats:

➧An unlimited or unbalanced diet.

➧Treats often high in fats or sugars (a biscuit given to a dog weighing 10 kg is for a man to eat a hamburger).

Causes unrelated to your dog’s diet:

➧A low or no sports activity

➧Sterilization: the energy expenditure is less important in a male or female operated dog than in a “whole” animal.

➧Females are at greater risk of obesity.

➧Age: the older a dog gets, the lower its caloric needs.

➧Some breeds are more prone to obesity, such as Labrador, Knight King Charles, Cockers, Colleys, Dachshunds, Beagles, Terriers, etc.

➧A hormonal disease such as diabetes or hypothyroidism: some medications can promote your dog’s appetite and therefore its weight gain

➧Genetics (hereditary obesity).

➧Behavior: Anxiety and depression can lead to bulimia.