dog obeys

   Teaching your dog to obey its commands and comply with the prohibitions takes a lot of time, work and patience. To improve one’s obedience, in other words, to correct the shortcomings and imperfections of one’s education is also a matter of understanding and canine psychology.


➥Rewards are your allies

➥Praise it!

➥Stay coherent

  The dog is an animal both free and functioning by the hierarchy. A quasi-paradox that is felt in its obedience. On the one hand, it would like to do it at its head and, on the other, its gregarious instinct drives it to follow and to submit to the individual placed above it in the pack. At the level of the family, this group leader who must guide it, this leader is you.

So you have a lot of work to do with your 4-legged companion as soon as it arrives at home, with a lot of successes, but also difficulties. Obedience is understood in different ways, according to dog education specialists, but more and more professionals agree that the most effective, the most harmonious and the most respectful of the dog’s very nature are those related to positive reinforcement. This is a real vehicle for improving obedience, but there are other elements that contribute to it.

➥Rewards are your allies

   There is nothing more motivating than a reward. This is even more true of our dog friends, who love to be paid for any occasion. Of course, their favorite reward is the one that appeals to their main “weakness”: their greed. Treats are a real asset for most educators. By using them intelligently, excellent results can be achieved

Croquettesdog biscuits and other delicacies that our doggies love are perfect for them to execute orders and behave well. In their minds, candies allow associating the exercises and their good execution to a positive feeling, to something pleasant.

Be careful not to abuse these treats. First, because it is not good for their health (digestionoverweight), but also for not making them sine qua non-conditions of obedience. They should only be used at the beginning of learning. Subsequently, the dog will only obey the voice and/or gesture of its master.

➥Praise it !

  The caresses and words of encouragement to your dog in a playful tone are just as rewarding and rewarding to it as the treats. Our dogs are very sensitive to our changes of voice and intonation. They perfectly feel the joy we put in it, just like anger.

Praise your dog for doing the right thing helps you improve your obedience. By flattering it, you give it even more desire to please you by doing what you expect from it.

➥Stay coherent

   Your dog absolutely needs you to be clear and consistent with it. What you forbid it once should not be allowed later. Making exceptions creates confusion in its mind and only aggravates its obedience issues.

This consistency
 must also prevail in your environment, with all the people called to rub your dog: your relatives, your friends, your children … Ask them to play the game by refraining from answering the requests of your animal when jump on them, for example.