serbian prisen inmate

In Serbia, the largest prison in the country allows inmates to train stray dogs, collected in this refuge XXL. A program launched two years ago by a Serbian city, which, according to the director of the premises, allows a quality reintegration and give the inmates new opportunity and skills.

How to better occupy inmates in prison? By making them work,  teach them something new that may help them after the end of their prison duration, and giving meaning to their grief or helping them to reintegrate. Multiple tasks exist. One, original, was born in Serbia two years ago.

The Serbian town Sremska Mitrovica has asked to build a shelter for dogs in the biggest prison in the country. A response to the proliferation of stray canines in this country, which would number more than 100,000.

It “can change a man

Since then, 300 dogs have taken up residence in the walls of this prison. But for them, it’s the beginning of a new life. The first step before being adopted. To accompany and educate them, the detainees were chosen.

This means of reintegration is “the best in the world,” prison director Aleksandar Alimpic told CNews. According to him, taking care of dogs, teaching them many things, and showing patience, perseverance, and obedience “can change a man“.

Still, canids should not be put in the hands of anyone. In fact, the prison simply allowed short-term prisoners who had previously been in contact with animals to take care of them. For others, it will wait.

And in order to achieve this goal the prisoners they will have to learn and master the dog essential commands under the supervision of expert canine mentors. This gains them testaments that could later assistance them to get jobs and positions in different shelters .